Mary Ellen York

LRes MEllen1M.E. York has graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a B.S. and a minor in Dance and

History. MaryEllen has been involved in body movement since she was sixteen and has grown to appreciate the

function and mechanics of movement. MaryEllen continues her education bringing the most current information to

her classes. MaryEllen holds certificates in Yoga, PiYO and the Eric Franklin method. MaryEllen has studied with

Esther Burroughs-Hammond, Eric Franklin, Judy Alter, Claudia Melrose and Beth Shaw. MaryEllen continues to

learn and appreciate the wonders of mind and body. Unifying the mind and body brings success to the everyday

life. M.E. is now providing privates lessons for anyone seeking lower back relief,

core strengthening, and just general ease of movement through the spine. The spine is the supported by core

muscles. The way you move or the lack of movement influences the health of your spine. MaryEllen uses yoga,

pilates, Aerial Yoga and the Franklin Method to gain access in the health of your spine. You will feel energized

once the lower back is released and supported.