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Our Testimonials

There are teachers and then there are exceptional teachers. Individual attention, unwavering support, patience, compassion for your students and a passion for life are qualities that make your yoga teaching even a level above exceptional Karen! Thank you from my heart.
-L. H.

Using a combination of yoga and dance positions, big and small movements; Balanced Barre class leaves me feeling challenged, relaxed and invigorated.  I am stronger and toned by this class, more aware of my posture as well.                                                                                                                                               -C. M.

I am now a little over a year into my Aikido life. I have found something that gives me a great work out, is constantly challenging me both mentally and physically. It is extremely relaxing but allows me to satisfy that inner primal rage that stress creates. All the things I was looking for in a workout. However that is not all I have gotten out of Aikido.  I have found myself surrounded by the most eclectic group of people who are extremely fun, supportive and have in my mind become my second family. For the first time in years because of these people I am comfortable being myself.
-B. L.

Your enthusiasm, abundance of knowledge, encouragement and gentle manor has made it a pleasure being one of your students. You are a gifted teacher Karen and, I am very sure, will continue to be one of the very best and respected instructors in the area.
-L. K.

Thank you Karen for being you and practicing mindfulness and Yoga. You are so nurturing and real.
-A. E.

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy Yoga……and it’s ALL because of Abundant Joy….You do a “GREAT JOB” Thanks for introducing me to a better life style!
-C. A.

Thank you for your guidance and support as we learn the yoga “way of life”. Your teaching style is such a true joy. You inspire me!
-S. H.

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your class. Your soft and gentle spirit along with your wonderful lessons have been a wonderful impact on my life.
-K. S.

I am so fortunate to have you as my Yoga Mentor! You inspire me every week.
-A. D.

I stopped working out for a couple of years due to a back and shoulder injury. It seemed as though every time I would try to start up again it would just aggravate the injuries.  I was starting to lose hope that I could ever work out without suffering from more pain as a result.  I was also going to my chiropractor 3 x week with very little improvement.  I decided to give abundant joy and wellness center a try.  I now do Barre 3 x week along with a couple of yoga classes.  I no longer need my chiropractor at all and my back and shoulder rarely give me any discomfort! Also, I am amazed at how much stronger I am. I am able to do things again that I didn’t think were possible!! Thank you M.E. & Kate!!!

Karmen’s classes are the perfect mix of physical and mindful relaxation. She has a peaceful and playful presence to her. She regularly begins by explaining a simple intention that she based that days class around. These intensions might be on different chakras or simple gratitude’s towards your body/life. Poses, readings and classroom setting are all given careful thought to enhance her class intention. Karmen’s classes have helped me challenge myself physically and gain a deeper appreciation and benefit with the meditative connection to yoga. This was really important to me as I often would hear people speak happily about the meditative benefits, but for new/intermediate yogi’s like myself, this connection didn’t come naturally. Karmen has helped me to become much more well-rounded, devoted and excited as my practice deepens and I am able to experience more benefits with every thoughtful class. Thank you for all you do Karmen!

-J. H.

“Kate, a true professional that seriously studies the art and practice of yoga, has an extraordinary gift for guiding her students with enthusiasm and compassion. In my 20 year practice, Kate has been my most influential teacher. I have felt blessed to be on the receiving end of her passion.”

-K. B.