Somatics/Teacher Training

Hanna Somatics Specialty Workshops – Create Free Muscles and an Easeful Body

FREE Class Tues Oct 25  7:30-8:15pm
Wondering what Somaitic Movement is?  How easily you can do it?
In this class Tricia will answer your questions about how Somatic Movement can release pain from your body~ Simple, easy movements that you can learn and then continue on your own.  Perfect lead into the “Move Without Pain” Fundamentals of Hanna Somatics 2 Day Immersion-see below.
Enjoy some refreshments too!
Sat/Sun Jan 21/22
2 Day Immersion Course
Fundamentals Immersion Course Overview
This two-day immersion course is a comprehensive introduction to the core principles of Hanna Somatics: the science, philosophy, techniques, and Somatic Exercises. It is an excellent introduction to this simple and highly effective method of neuromuscular movement education and pain relief.
Fri/Sat/Sun   Feb 3/4/5
3 Day Training Level 1  The Foundations of teaching Somatic Movement
Take your understanding of movement and pain relief to a whole new level through Hanna Somatic Education.
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YOGA TEACHER TRAINING-  Watch for upcoming programs here and on our monthly schedule!



Taught by Jan Pilling—see bio below     Request Reiki Training by emailing;

 REIKI Level II   Usui Method

In this class participants will learn symbols to perform distance healing over time and space, practice intuitive techniques of sensing energy and perform group healing.  With this Reiki II attunement,it is reported that individuals have experienced an increase in intuitive skills by 100%!
Prerequisite:  Level I Reiki
Jan Pilling holds a BS degree in Occupational Therapy from Mt. Mary College in 1982. She has been practicing since then in long term and acute care, orthopedics and neurology. Jan works with Children as a school-based therapist. In 2005, Jan began studying Craniosacral Therapy and has been practicing these skills on infants, children, teens and adults; helping those with torticollis, reflux, neck and back pain, concussions, headaches and TMJ disorders. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages the body’s own natural healing to rid itself of the effects of stress and trauma on the centeral nervous system. The benefits are improved neurologic, endocrine and immune systems. Jan began to incorporate Reiki in her treatment of children and adults in 2009 after classes through UW-Milwaukee. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The Natural Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine classifies Reiki as a “Biofield Medicine, which involves systems that use subtle energy fields in and around the body for medical purpose.”* It is a vibration or subtle energy therapy, commonly facilitated by light touch, which is believed to balance the biofield and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself. She has been utilizing Reiki with clients. After a journey to Peru in July of 2010, she was inspired to begin studying another form of healing. This year long training is called Earth Medicine or Shamanism. This is an ancient form of spiritual practice, not a religion, used for healing from a cellular level, that restores and heals the energy balance of a person. Shamanism is at least a 40,000 year old practice and the oldest method of healing known. Jan’s multifaceted, and integrative background gives her the ability to look at the whole client and how daily living impacts the body. By giving clients strategies or tools for reaching their wellness goals is her goal as well. *Miles, P. and True, G. “Reiki-Review of a Biofield Therapy, History, Theory, Practice and Research”. Journal of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 2-3 MAR/APR VOL 9, NO. 2, p. 62.



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