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Essential Oils

Oil PictureWe are happy to share another Wellness Tool that support health for you and your family.  We offer monthly Essential Oil classes (see Daily Class Schedule) as well as have the Zyto Compass Scan available –we offer FREE Scans for some classes (value $120)  Email YogaWellnessNow@yahoo.com for further info or to schedule your Zyto Scan.

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Zyto Compass Scans available at Abundant Joy for discounted pricing of approx. $15 (Valued at $120)

There is a scientific report explaining the Compass Scan details and benefits, that you can review upon arriving for your 10 minute Scan.

What product is right for me?
Which Supplements and Essential Oils can strengthen my system in a measurable scan?
The Zyto Compass Scan gives this detail to take the guessing out of it.

Zyto Compass Scan description;
By placing your palm on the hand cradle, this program/machine scans over 15,000 stressors that play havoc on your body, mind and overall health. It takes approximately 10 minutes to receive specific information to help enhance your wellness.

Generalized Scan Overview;
Organs, Glands & Systems, Endocrine System, Digestive System, Amino Acids, Food Sensitivities, EFA’s, Digestive Enzymes, Hormones, Neurotransmitters and Spine.

Email Karen at karyoga@hotmail.com or call 262 244-7231 to book your appointment




Why do we need to Cleanse?  The evidence is clear:  Everyone, regardless of lifestyle, is exposed to toxins every day from food, water and air, plus other sources.  A Cleanse is recommended at least twice a year to offset the body’s normal toxic load and for those dealing with chronic health problems that can be a result of toxin accumulation.

 Surprising Sources of Toxins

 Car-dashboard (Phthalates)

Prescription Drugs & Supplements

Cosmetics & Personal-Care Products

Meats, non-organic foods

Atmospheric Radiation

Canned Foods

Call 262 244-7231 or see Karen for more details!